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A Word From Bishop Martin - COVID-19

I am Bishop Martin and I am so grateful just to be able to spend a minute or two with you because of the times that we are living in. It is indeed perilous times that the scripture talks about we can see this all over the world that there is a an impact by the corona virus and indeed as the scripture says that men's hearts will be failing them for fear.

I am so excited to say to you that there is hope in the midst of crisis, because God is the creator. He is the creator of the ends of the earth and he fainted not neither does he becomes weary. There is no searching of his understanding. What he does is that he gives power to the faint and to them that have no might, he increases strength.

I believe that there is a Great Awakening in this time and so we look to God who is our hope, our strength and we continue to pray. I believe that God will do great things.

Stay strong and let us continue to pray and seek his face God Bless You!

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